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A recent post in another community asked people to post pictures of themselves when they were younger. I pulled out my old photo albums and found a few of myself from high school. I don't have a scanner so I just took a picture of the pictures (WE NEED TO GO DEEPER) with my phone and uploaded them. I thought I'd share.

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woo. cecil and i are officially going to prom. together. dressed up all snazzy like. i'm actually really excited about it. getting all dolled up for just one night. crazy. i'm going to look so pimp. oh yeah, and cecil will look hot too. he's just really nervous about going b/c he's hardly going to know anyone there. i want me and all my friends and whoever else, as many as we can get, to all go to fucking taco bell before prom. in our outfits anbd all! screw zentner's and outback. let's go ghetto. my dad finally got his digital camera back from his whore, and i'm going to take it, so i can take lots of pictures. then i'll post them up on here. funny how that works, isn't it? like a vicious cycle.
i'm going to try and take some pictures of me nips and their 2 week old metal accessories also.
i've become totally disillusioned w/ high skool. there's no point. the only purpose for it is to take standardized tests to make the state look good so it can get more money that it WON'T invest in constructive ways. "what? you don't have enough english books for your class of 40? well, um... here's a brand new football stadium! with the latest in digital scoreboards and special glowing grass that's bug repellent! and what goes good w/ a new stadium?! NEW UNIFORMS FOR YOUR SHITTY FOOTBALL TEAM! and you know what? we'll throw in half a million dollars worth of new athletic busses. [actual figure]. screw the jrotc drill teams that are the state champions that have to make thier own uniforms and buy most of the accessories themselves. they LOVE taking yellow skool busses to competitions 6 hours away. FOOTBALL RULES!!" i'm PRAYING these aren't the best years of my life, b/c they really suck. i'm looking forward to college so much. even though i'll still be stuck here in san angelo, i'll be out of high skool and in the (kind of) real world. i'll have bills! wee! wait, that's not good. dammit. oh well, at least i'll have cecil. and various other good things.

q: why do women have arms?

a: have you any idea how long it would take to LICK a bathroom

and this:
OH MY GOD!!! that's probably the kind of baby i'm going to have, since i make fun of retards so much. {shudder}


Apr. 14th, 2004 10:44 am
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i have to make a website for web design class, and i have n-o idea what to do it on! any recommendations? or ideas for a layout? maybe i'll do it on FRUiTSy stuff or something. i only have 4 weeks to get it done. i have to use flash, freehand, fireworks, and html. shit, i don't know. i'm not creative. i swear to god if i hear mr. marvel mention the word "goth" again i'm going to scream and beat his face in w/ my women's regulation size 7 air force jrotc black shoe. no one fucking EVER uses that word right. I don't even use that word right. fuck labels. i'm so tired of all this shit.

whoa, how did this post turn from a plea for help w/ skool to a rant?

the guy in front of me is waaay to good at 3d pinball for his own good.
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oh. em. gee. will it never end?! i have more news!! briefly, i've dyed my hair black, gotten contacts, and gotten my nipples pierced. when i go over to cecil's later i'll get some pictures to post up. it's just so crazy.

then, to top it off, i got a card from my grandmother. and as usual, there was a check in it. but this time it was no measly $50 check. it was a fucking FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR check. that's the most money i've ever had at one time in my entire life. i almost feel like it's too much. i feel like i can't accept it. *slap* woo, that was a close one. now there are no worries about prom anymore. and i'll even have at least $200 left over for clothes and whatnot. b/c i am in bad need of new clothes.

i'm in such a good mood. i can't wait until tuesday when i go back to skool. i promised michelle she'd be the first one i show my newly decorated nipples to.
i wonder how everyone is going to react?
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do you like my new icon?! I SURE DO! i actually laughed out loud when i read it. i want to go post in all the san angelo emo kids' journals just to piss them off.

omfg. i swam today. in the lake. unless you know me really well, you don't know that i am TERRIFIED of water! i hyperventilate just watching the deep sea divers on the discovery channel. but omfg. thanks to really fucking good friends that care about me and understand me and take care of me, i was swimming like a goddamn fish. and in a fucking lake, no less! where you can't see 3 inches below the surface, and where gross things wind their way around your feet. but i did it! i love you so much michelle, chris, corrina, and bentley!

I'M GETTING MY NIPPLES PIERCED FOR KATHY'S 18TH BIRTHDAY!!! i just have to pawn some shit to get enough money to get them done. i'm skerred, but omg i've been waiting for so long to get them done. i can't wait. cecil can't either. ;)

the act sucked. i fucking bombed the math portion. f(x)= 89e228. sin, cos, tan. WTF?!!11 oh well, i did great on the english and science parts, so i should be alright. i'm not a good test taker. i drank the night before, and i didn't go to bed until 2:30a, got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. and i didn't study AT ALL. eh, we'll see if my test taking philosophy works in practice whenever i get the results back. looking forward to my sat in may!! /sarcasm.
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nothing much to really say. i've been busy w/ skool, cecil has been busy w/ band practice. at 2p tomorrow i'm going to go to his practice. unfortunately, chris and his annoying asshole brother will be there. but i want to go, so go i shall.
i'm terrified about graduating and going to college, but deliciously excited at the same time. if you could bottle these emotions, you'd have a best-selling drug. since i don't really have anything to post, i'll just leave you w/ this:

cyanideskittles's Accidental LJ Haiku
how i love my
over-protective jealous
mexican boyfriend
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fucking tornado. (hehe, apc reference) so close, yet so far... touched down 15 miles northeast (i think) of san angelo.
it rained so bad today, the skool was practically flooded. i had to ford the river to get to class. i love the rain, but i don't like walking through it. marquis jumped into a gigantic puddle in front of holmes TWICE and i missed it both times. dustin took pictures of it on his cell, i'll make him show me tomorrow. mrs. lesbi-i-mean-henson made him go to the office and call his mom to get new clothes.
now for something completely different:
andrew gave me lots of tips on anal sex today at mcdonald's. maybe we should start "broadening our horizons", hmm cecil? ;)
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omfg, i'm so fucking pissed at this computer. i'm about to kick the shit out of it and piss on it's motherboard. macromedia flash mx can lick my scrotum. i fucking follow the god damned studio mx book TO THE FUCKING LETTER!! EVERYTHING i do, even if it doesn't look right or it tells me to delete something i think is important. yet still it screws up and i'm forced to redo FOUR CHAPTERS. they took me 3 fucking days to do. omg i'm so pissed i want to scream and cry. and helpful mr marvel [insert sarcasm here] tells me it's something I did wrong?!! fuck you, i followed your fascist book, and it still screws me over. go to hell, all of you. i give up for the day.


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