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Everything he just said contradicts itself!
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While checking the messages I got on OKCupid, I get one from this guy, irishscott117:

Apparently he's a costume designer or something.

Cute enough, right? Then I read his profile, which I've excerpted here (I'll just preface this with one huge [sic] because his writing is atrocious):

it was tonight of all things, i figured out what i want, i want a girl that is so hot and so amazing that when she walks into a room i want other men to shit there pants(talking like how a rhino dumps here) and when i walk into the room and she gives me that i love the way you do me smile there heads explode(like a snipers bullet hitting a watermelon), a woman so hot that when i go to all con and other conventions she wears a slave Leia outfit and guys get boners off her shadow.

now i understand what you are saying, but if she is so hot wont you have to always be buying her nice things and keep her happy with money from your wallet. my answer, no because she will be just as much a nerd as me.

and yes to answer you question crazy emo kid, i would most certainly have to constantly have to be telling meat heads to keep there fucking dick skinners off my ladies may west like figure(she had boobs so big that in WWII the paratroopers would call there inflatable life vest a may west) and me getting in there face gets her all hot and bothered and then she wants to go home and dress like Jessica rabbit( to whom she could be called her twin sister) and do it like sexed up animals.

Nothing makes a girl hornier than guys taking "rhino dumps" when we walk in a room or getting boners from our shadows.
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This is probably the most offensive reaction I get to my facial piercings. You can tell me you think they're ugly, I'm ugly, I look like a bull, whatever, I don't care. But when you say that I would be beautiful or more attractive if I got rid of something that holds more meaning to me than any man ever could? That's when I get pissed off and want to start punching testicles.

I mostly hear this from older men, or rednecks.
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Today's OkCupid Winner Is...

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So I created an OKCupid! account one night when I was bored and sleep deprived. My bio says "I DID IT FOR THE LULZ!" like 100 times because it has a minimum character requirement.

Anyway, three months later I remember it and log in. I'm greeted with this message in my inbox (along with 17 others asking me if I want to party/want to fuck/want to see cock pics/want to send tit pics):

Do you think it was a trolling attempt to get me to talk to him? That's kind of sad. :(


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