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I made a Starburst wrapper bracelet today at work in between calls:

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I have no idea as to how I got added to this mailing list: http://www.tuckerblair.com/

But it made me (and half the office) lol.

Exhibit A:

Fixed version under the cut )
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I drew this on the Module Team whiteboard at work:

Note: the Module Team is comprised of three very manly (albeit nerdy) men and me.
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I'm at work following the woot off.

I messaged this image over to Raul:


He replied with:


Thanks a lot Christopher, now the whole office thinks I'm a weirdo.


Feb. 11th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Here's a sample of the notes I take at work while I'm on a call:

I have seven notebooks filled with stuff like this.
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My supervisor: Jesus, your purse is tripping me out.
Me: Yeah I know, it's so weird! It's like you're in space, but there are no rainbows or pegasus unicorn things in space.
My supervisor: ...Did you hear what you just said?
Me: What?
My supervisor: Kellye, pegasus unicorn things don't exist, period.

My purse.
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i have to work ten days straight. nine hour shifts.
i had four ex-boyfriends come into the store last week. talk about fucking awkward.

my brother graduates from basic training thursday.

blue dragon is an ugly and stupid game. i hate it really hard. long live eternal sonata. and go play the harry potter game (order of the phoenix). it's fucking addictive, and i kicked the shit out of it.

i bought voodoo vince today ($3). it's hilarious and cute. too bad it's not backwards compatible (yet?). also too bad that greg won't let me take one of his xboxes home with me.

i stretched my ears up to a 12g last week. it slipped right in, no pain at all. two more weeks and i'll move up to a 10g.


May. 17th, 2007 04:14 pm
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I aced the interview!! I'm now the Senior Game Adviser of EB Games store 4086!
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Also, I have a phone interview today at 3:30p for my promotion to "Lead Game Advisor". I'm scared. Wish me luck.

cutthroatstalker: i'm so nervous about it though
NoCrustysInMyBed: nah it will be fine
NoCrustysInMyBed: im sure ur smarter than 97% of all the ppl that work at the mall
NoCrustysInMyBed: just put that in ur pipe and smoke it
cutthroatstalker: hahahha
NoCrustysInMyBed: plus ur a good bullshitter
cutthroatstalker: for real that's what i'm relying mostly on
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i'm getting ready to go work the pokemon release with a killer hangover.
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some notes on common courtesy when interacting with cashiers:
  • get the fuck off your cell phone.
  • get the fuck off your cell phone.
  • no habla espanol. sorry. that does not mean keep talking to me in spanish. i don't fucking understand you.
  • when i say "hello" or "thank you, have a great night", please respond. even if it's just a smile and a "hi" or a "you too", it is much appreciated.
  • do not throw your money on the counter and stare at me expectantly. i will stare back. then i will get really pissed off at you. finally, i will gently place your change on the counter and stare at you until you have to pick it up.
  • also, don't hand me a wadded-up, fistful of cash. unravel it yourself. if i have to do it, i will take my sweet time unfolding it, making you wait at least two extra minutes.
  • get the fuck off your cell phone.
  • don't interrupt me at all, ever. the shit i have to say to you is part of my job. just let me fucking say it, then you can be on your merry way.
  • if you aren't 17, i can't sell you an "m" rated game. sorry, it sucks, but it's my job. what's that? you turn 17 in a two months/two weeks/tomorrow? you really want that game? can you afford to pay my bills when i get fired and have to find a new job? no? then shut the fuck up and go get another game.
  • parents, grand theft auto is not an appropriate game for your seven year old. please pay attention.
  • and finally, get the fuck off your cell phone.

on a sidenote, i don't understand why you will give me your home address, phone number, and driver's license number, but will balk when i ask for an email address. "i don't give out my email address." you're worried about spam? bitch, that's why spam filters and the delete button were invented. a home invasion or identity theft will cause a lot more anguish than a few unwanted emails. let's get your priorities straight.
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so much work this week, no time for internets. or fun. see you in a week.


Mar. 14th, 2007 01:14 pm
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my first and final got ripped up, but only because my boss got one too. apparently he argued with the district manager for an hour over the phone about it. mine only got taken care of because he wanted his gone. not because he was really worried about me. that's shitty, but i don't care since mine got thrown away too. so i don't have to worry about that anymore. also, lately i've been killing in the subscriptions department. well, killing as much as is possible only working 9-10 hours a week.

brian is still coming to san angelo. he left yesterday, and was going to stop in tallahassee for the night. well, his car broke down right outside of the city. when he went to go look at the back of it, he realized the license plate was missing. he figures that while he was at our mom's place getting his stuff, SHE STOLE IT OFF HIS CAR. yes, i'm being 100% serious. he called her, and she said "and you're just noticing it now?". crazy psycho bitch, that one.
so tomorrow morning my dad is leaving to drive to florida to pick him up and tow his car back here to get looked at. but my brother drives like a maniac, so it's probably the transmission. if that's the case, it would cost more to fix it than the car is worth. unfortunately, my brother really needs a car here, since i don't have one. fortunately, he only has to survive here until juneish, when he leaves for the air force.

some old friends of mine are back in town for spring break, so tonight after i get off work we're having an old fashioned halo lan party. but this time we'll have cheesecake.

in other news, jim is racist.

typhoid kellye: have you heard about the new black 360?
GlennDathu: hahaha
GlennDathu: a million voices went off in my head at once
GlennDathu: "does it have rims?" "does it fry chicken?" "watermelon colored?"
GlennDathu: oy
GlennDathu: no more internets for me
GlennDathu: they make you a bad person
GlennDathu: but, no, I had not heard of this black 360
typhoid kellye: hahah you ARE SO RACIST
GlennDathu: i am not!
GlennDathu: i am not i am not i am not
GlennDathu: i am all for friendly-yet-edgy race based humor, that's all.
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i found out from work that i can check out used games for four days at a time. free.
this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

first up was bully. fucking awesome game, i love it so hard. i beat that in 25 hours. i don't know which game i should try next. suggestions?
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i answered the phone at work today. this transpired:

me: thank you for calling eb games, where you can trade-
recording of a male's voice: if you have a customer waiting, hang up right now. if you're free, please let me say this. thank you for doing a wonderful job. i want to wish you much joy this holiday season...

the recording probably kept going, but i had to hang up.
apparently corporate calls every store every once in awhile to play a pre-recorded message thanking their employees and whatnot. entirely too sweet, even though it's way insincere.
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ah, the lovely city of san angelo. where 22,000 people don't have water. this includes our hospital, our airport, some schools, and our mall. yes, our mall, my wonderful place of employment.
we got a memo from the mall bosses alerting us to this fact. it also said, in HUGE RED LETTERS, to immediately extinguish all candles, incense, and anything else you have burning in your shops. because the fire alarm/sprinkler system doesn't work. the memo told us not to tell customers this, to avoid creating "undue panic". awesome, right?!
obviously, all the restrooms are out of commission as well. this led to a hilariously awkward exchange between an older gentleman (late 40s) and his three young boys.
the kids are screwing around on the ps3 we have out for demo. the father is strolling around. all of a sudden he turns around and walks hastily walks over to his kids. in a hushed voice he tells them, "we have to leave right now, come on let's go."
the kids start whining, begging him for just a few more minutes. the father says, in a slightly louder voice "NO! we have to go home right now, come on, put the game down!" the kids are pretty much having a hissy fit right about now. they're saying no, begging for a few more minutes, and asking why. the father has pretty much had enough by now. he grabs the controllers out of their hands and slams them back on the stand and says, quite loudly, "WE HAVE TO GO HOME RIGHT NOW, THE BATHROOMS DON'T WORK HERE! NOW COME ON, LET'S GO!!!" and brusquely walks out, his children in tow.


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