Jan. 17th, 2009 03:31 pm
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I went to the Steel Penny last night to watch Martin's other band Falsidle.

Davy on guitar, Martin on drums.

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so finally, here's the pictures from the gwar/black dahlia murder/horse the band/terror show i went to.

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horse the band, black dahlia murder, and more gwar )

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i'm going to the GWAR/black dahlia murder concert in odessa tomorrow!! i work from 2p-6p, and the doors open at 7p. so i'll be cutting it pretty close, but honestly, i don't care about any of the opening bands. i can't fucking wait, i love GWAR something fierce.
of course i'll have my camera, and i'll take tons of pictures for you, my dear readers.
i just wish greg was going, he isn't really into GWAR or even metal for that matter, but it would be fun to expose him to the awesomeness that is GWAR.

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i was on the floor, directly in front of and about 3 people away from the vocalist ryan clark. he stared at me a lot while he was singing. not creepy like, but i was right there in front of him, and he would end up staring at me. and mr. ryan clark, if you ever read this, i'm so sorry for flashing you and the rest of the band w/ the camera all the time. i'd try to time it to go off when you were looking away, but you weren't cooperating and would look back at the wrong moment. so, sorry, thanks for not yelling at me!

so yeah, most of the pictures are like this. i was too short, and i was constantly angling the camera wrong. keep in mind i was trying to avoid the pits and getting pushed and elbowed and whatnot.
(vocalist ryan clark)

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so, i resized and uploaded all the pictures/videos from the concert, but i'm going to have to beg off on posting them right now. i seriously need sleep, because i've been awake since 3 in the morning the night before last. that's 32 hours i've been awake, with a 20 minute catnap. they'll be up whenever i wake up.

personal reminder- protest the hero cd for steven, xiu xiu and the spill canvas for brandon. bring blank cd's for brandon. find torrents for mc lars, duncan sheik, and that other band you forgot.
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last night? amazing. pictures tomorrow.

quick synopsis of the bands that played:
becoming the archetype - drummer was amazing, guitarists sucked.
august burns red - FUCKING AMAZING. the singer had so much freaking energy it was awesome. the music was really, really good too. i was suitably impressed.
spoken - i actually really liked this band. the music was awesome, and the singer had a lot of energy. this one was probably my favorite of the opening bands.
zao - really awesome. they rocked. the singer pretty much gave the mic to jerry on every song and let him sing. jerry was awesome.
demon hunter - they didn't play any of my favorite songs, but that's ok. it was really good. the singer didn't really interact w/ the crowd. this was the only part of the show i was actually up front for. i would see them again.

anyway, everything else will come tomorrow. hold your collective breath!


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