Aug. 7th, 2010 04:39 am
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I just found out that my ex-boyfriend Cecil (whom I haven't seen in like four years) is now dating a female furry who is six years his junior. According to my source she's also a huge asshole and no one really likes her.

Fucker should never have cheated on me.

Yes, that's her.
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cutthroatstalker: i am so ronrey
loansharkbliss: why's that?
cutthroatstalker: i have gone back to being nocturnal and greg is still diurnal
cutthroatstalker: so he's asleep in the living room on his futon and i'm in my room watching netflix and reading the penny arcade archives again.
loansharkbliss: go to him
loansharkbliss: and rape him
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Me: I want to be your perfect girlfriend, but I won't give you blow jobs when you snap your fingers.
Gregory: I'm pretty sure that's the definition of the perfect girlfriend.


Nov. 27th, 2009 01:25 pm
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Here is a picture of my boyfriend's nose:

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From my piercer/friend/ex-boyfriend:

Context... )
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what's up with people thinking my eyes are blue lately? greg and jody both told me they liked my blue eyes. yeah, shows how much they pay attention to my eyes.
last week josh told me my eyes were blue. weird.

ps- they're GREEN. bright, deep green. my best feature, in my honest opinion.
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well. i've been enjoying my three day weekend. not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.
last night i saw fearless [which isn't coming out until august 4, 2006 by the way] at brandon's. it was an alright movie. it had a few moments of OMFGWTFJUSTHAPPENEDTHATWASBADASS!!, but it was pretty mediocre when compared to hero and ong bak. the subtitles cracked me up, though. for the first half of the movie they were pretty good, made a lot of sense. then either the translator got lazy, or someone else took over, but man, was it bad. "And he rested, and his heart was cement." "I do believe in when you do not do that it is is when you do." random stuff like that. it was funny.

anyway, i'm waiting for greg to call, but i'm not getting my hopes up. let's see if he does!
*EDIT* it's 8:30, and he still hasn't called. i'm giving up. and the cycle begins anew...
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guess what i'm doing the 20th (not definite, but in all probability) of this month?!

i'm going to see demon hunter in san antonio. jealous? you should be.

i'm hanging out at brandon's again. finally, something to do besides work and fight w/ cecil.
other than that, my life hasn't really changed any. i'm thinking about dyeing my hair red again, but who knows. maybe i'll just let my natural color grow out. or shave it all off and wear wigs.


Apr. 21st, 2006 01:47 am
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i keep meaning to update with something funny and exciting, but i just never do. i'm too burned out from work and dealing with a certain someone that all i want to do when i get home is screw around on the internet and sleep. i don't want to think.

i'm off saturday, maybe then i'll make a real update. and have a cell phone.
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wooo! i'm back....w/ a vengeance. well, not really a "vengance" so much as apathetic solitude. i haven't been online in quite a few weeks. i did a friends cut, and you know who you are. i don't want to get sucked into your petty drama anymore, so i'm done. basically, if you live in my town and we used to hang out, you're cut, w/ a few exceptions. mostly just dustin stayed. i <3 you dustin. so if i cut you, take me off too. kthnksbai.

in any case, i still work at maximus, and i'm not in skool yet. my lip piercing has healed up wonderfully, and now i'm saving up for my tattoo. cecil and i are still together. i have a prison penpal now, too. well, i knew him before he got sent up the river, and he's a fucking awesome guy. but now he's in the slammer for 2 1/2 more months, so that sucks. and don't ask why he's in the pen, i don't know. it was a courtmartial thing for the air force, and he wasn't allowed to talk about it. i think it had to do w/ drugs.

so that's about it, i'll start updating on a regular basis again soon.
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woo. cecil and i are officially going to prom. together. dressed up all snazzy like. i'm actually really excited about it. getting all dolled up for just one night. crazy. i'm going to look so pimp. oh yeah, and cecil will look hot too. he's just really nervous about going b/c he's hardly going to know anyone there. i want me and all my friends and whoever else, as many as we can get, to all go to fucking taco bell before prom. in our outfits anbd all! screw zentner's and outback. let's go ghetto. my dad finally got his digital camera back from his whore, and i'm going to take it, so i can take lots of pictures. then i'll post them up on here. funny how that works, isn't it? like a vicious cycle.
i'm going to try and take some pictures of me nips and their 2 week old metal accessories also.
i've become totally disillusioned w/ high skool. there's no point. the only purpose for it is to take standardized tests to make the state look good so it can get more money that it WON'T invest in constructive ways. "what? you don't have enough english books for your class of 40? well, um... here's a brand new football stadium! with the latest in digital scoreboards and special glowing grass that's bug repellent! and what goes good w/ a new stadium?! NEW UNIFORMS FOR YOUR SHITTY FOOTBALL TEAM! and you know what? we'll throw in half a million dollars worth of new athletic busses. [actual figure]. screw the jrotc drill teams that are the state champions that have to make thier own uniforms and buy most of the accessories themselves. they LOVE taking yellow skool busses to competitions 6 hours away. FOOTBALL RULES!!" i'm PRAYING these aren't the best years of my life, b/c they really suck. i'm looking forward to college so much. even though i'll still be stuck here in san angelo, i'll be out of high skool and in the (kind of) real world. i'll have bills! wee! wait, that's not good. dammit. oh well, at least i'll have cecil. and various other good things.

q: why do women have arms?

a: have you any idea how long it would take to LICK a bathroom

and this:
OH MY GOD!!! that's probably the kind of baby i'm going to have, since i make fun of retards so much. {shudder}


Apr. 17th, 2004 01:39 pm
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i'm a member of a community that revolves around vintage sex (in fact, that's the name of said community). tons of awesome pictures are posted up everyday, but this one really struck me as beautiful and i thought i'd share.

it reminds me of a picture of christ after the crucifixion.

the band cecil is in is actually really good. i'm not going to make fun of anyone in it (chris sucks), i swear. they recorded and mixed a song, but the guy that did it fucked it up, and now the song starts over in the middle of the song, if that makes any sense. they used 5 of my cd's to do it too, so now chris fucking owes me 5 cd's.

still waiting to get 21 grams so i can watch it. have you watched that movie yet dan?

i've been getting really depressed lately, but then cecil hugs me and the world doesn't suck quite so bad.
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nothing much to really say. i've been busy w/ skool, cecil has been busy w/ band practice. at 2p tomorrow i'm going to go to his practice. unfortunately, chris and his annoying asshole brother will be there. but i want to go, so go i shall.
i'm terrified about graduating and going to college, but deliciously excited at the same time. if you could bottle these emotions, you'd have a best-selling drug. since i don't really have anything to post, i'll just leave you w/ this:

cyanideskittles's Accidental LJ Haiku
how i love my
over-protective jealous
mexican boyfriend
Find your own LJ Haiku

Haiku! by [ profile] hutta
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finally got my webcam hooked up. yeah, but not to my computer, to my boyfriend's. something is wrong w/ my usb ports. we had some fun taking pictures of each other and ourselves earlier.

the fun don't stop there! )

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cyanideskittles: hello
UrLuvIsToxic: hi
UrLuvIsToxic: how are you?
cyanideskittles: thinking about talking to cecil
cyanideskittles: too hard to let go
UrLuvIsToxic: aww
cyanideskittles: but if i get back w/ him, his friends will TOTALLY think i'm a bitch
cyanideskittles: and they'll be right
UrLuvIsToxic: and his friends matter why?
cyanideskittles: and they'll hate me even more
cyanideskittles: b/c he trusts hem and listens to their opinions
UrLuvIsToxic: it's Cecil you love... not his friends
cyanideskittles: and they can poison him against me
UrLuvIsToxic: okay... well you are going to poison him against you...
cyanideskittles: i think i already have
UrLuvIsToxic: he loves you
UrLuvIsToxic: he weaped
cyanideskittles: i love him
cyanideskittles: but dammit it's so hard
cyanideskittles: i want it easy
cyanideskittles: love is supposed to be fun and carefree and romps through a field of flowers
UrLuvIsToxic: and then you wake up
cyanideskittles: heh
cyanideskittles: but fuck
cyanideskittles: what should i do
UrLuvIsToxic: what your heart is telling you to do

cyanideskittles: go back to him

can i? would he take me back?
a giant rubber band joins us. the farther i try to run away from him, the faster and harder i get snapped back.
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fucking tornado. (hehe, apc reference) so close, yet so far... touched down 15 miles northeast (i think) of san angelo.
it rained so bad today, the skool was practically flooded. i had to ford the river to get to class. i love the rain, but i don't like walking through it. marquis jumped into a gigantic puddle in front of holmes TWICE and i missed it both times. dustin took pictures of it on his cell, i'll make him show me tomorrow. mrs. lesbi-i-mean-henson made him go to the office and call his mom to get new clothes.
now for something completely different:
andrew gave me lots of tips on anal sex today at mcdonald's. maybe we should start "broadening our horizons", hmm cecil? ;)
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i'm at cecil's right now, listening to him and edvard play guitar. they're really fucking good. i've never really heard cecil play before now. he's a lot better than i used to think. plus, he looks DAMN secsi playing. omg i want to rape him. haha... just kidding. or am i?! o.O

i got a new cat! my dad brought her home today. she's all black w/ a white beard, white paws, and a white chest piece. her name is buddy, but i'm going to rename her, b/c that's a dumb name. i'm going to name her miwako after my favorite character of my favorite manga, paradise kiss.

i tallied up the votes finally. results are as follows:
>red 8 votes
>black 11 votes
>blonde 3 votes

so it looks like i'm dying my hair black! it'll be cool. no telling how long it'll take to get my dad to get me the dye. i'd actually rather get my hair cut first, so there's REALLY no telling when i'll get it done. but as jebus as my witness, i will dye it black!! give the public what it wants.


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