Jan. 31st, 2009 02:15 am
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all my music sucks. send me links to torrents that rock.
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the spill canvas // staplegunned [video]

cutthroatstalker: the spill canvas has a video up on mtv u's site
cutthroatstalker: ugh

GlennDathu: the spill canvas?
GlennDathu: they don't play them at the retirement home
GlennDathu: sorry.

cutthroatstalker: my most favorite band in the entire world

GlennDathu: oh-- wait
GlennDathu: so you're saying "ugh" because they're on mtv?
GlennDathu: does this mean they've sold out?
GlennDathu: cause, you know, a dude's gotta eat.
GlennDathu: and mtv pays the bills.

cutthroatstalker: man, the song they picked kind of isn't my most favorite one
cutthroatstalker: no, i want them to get exposure and get filthy rich, AS LONG AS THEY STAY TRUE TO THEIR MUSIC
cutthroatstalker: and not start making music just to make money

GlennDathu: ooh i know what you mean!! ok i get this.
GlennDathu: cause like when i tell people "yeah bad religion is like my favorite band ever"
GlennDathu: people squint
GlennDathu: and say
GlennDathu: "oh yeah i've heard of them! 'la la la... 21st century digital boy... na na na'"
GlennDathu: and i want to throw them in a fire

cutthroatstalker: hahahahaha
cutthroatstalker: EXACTLY


Jun. 22nd, 2006 05:58 am
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i really like bloc party.

why can't i find good metal as fast as i find good emo music?
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what the hell? yes, yes i did.
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man, i forgot how much i like [the band] thursday. and jim. jim is awesome. you're awesome, jim.
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from first to last fucking rocks. go download their album Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst Has A Bodycount. i swear, it doesn't suck as much as it seems.
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guess what i'm doing the 20th (not definite, but in all probability) of this month?!

i'm going to see demon hunter in san antonio. jealous? you should be.

i'm hanging out at brandon's again. finally, something to do besides work and fight w/ cecil.
other than that, my life hasn't really changed any. i'm thinking about dyeing my hair red again, but who knows. maybe i'll just let my natural color grow out. or shave it all off and wear wigs.
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i have a new reason to live, and its name is

the spill canvas

this music is so insanely beautiful, and the lyrics are so touching. i haven't been this moved by music in a long time. please, everyone go buy their album, sunsets and car crashes, or download it if you can't find it. if you can't do either of those, find me on aim and i'll gladly send it to you.

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"The final "Star Wars" movie opens on Thursday. So if you were
planning on getting help with your computer, you better do it in
the next two days because after that you're pretty much screwed."
---Jay Leno

and in honor of star wars, i give you this:
from vg cats

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this: )
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so much news to get out. i'll try to be brief. 

 i got a new puppy! he's adorable. idk what kind exactly, but he's some kind of bird dog. fucking adorable. i'll post pictures as soon as i get them. i named him arashi. i figured since he's black and white, like my new(ish) cat miwako [see earlier posts], that i'd name him arashi. miwako and arashi are lovers in my favorite manga, paradise kiss. so it fits. DAMMIT IT FITS!

i'm dying my hair black tonight, per voting results of another earlier post. we'll see how that turns out. i haven't dyed my hair since august of 2003. cecil is going to try to help me, so i won't have any spots. i can't wait!

i have some pictures of cecil playing in his band. they played at he spillway to make a video for chris's class or something. random people showed up and it turned into a mini concert.

wanna see? )

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fucking tornado. (hehe, apc reference) so close, yet so far... touched down 15 miles northeast (i think) of san angelo.
it rained so bad today, the skool was practically flooded. i had to ford the river to get to class. i love the rain, but i don't like walking through it. marquis jumped into a gigantic puddle in front of holmes TWICE and i missed it both times. dustin took pictures of it on his cell, i'll make him show me tomorrow. mrs. lesbi-i-mean-henson made him go to the office and call his mom to get new clothes.
now for something completely different:
andrew gave me lots of tips on anal sex today at mcdonald's. maybe we should start "broadening our horizons", hmm cecil? ;)
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i don't need to be a global citizen
because i'm blessed by nationality
i'm member of a growing populace
we enforce our popularity
there are things that
seem to pull us under
and there are things
that drag us down
but there's a power
and a vital presence
thats lurking all around
we've got the american jesus
see him on the interstate
we've got the american jesus
he helped build the
president's estate
i feel sorry
for the earth's population
'cuz so few
live in the u.s.a.
at least the foreigners
can copy our morality
they can visit but they cannot stay
only precious few
can garner the prosperity
it makes us walk
with renewed confidence
we've got a place to go when we die
and the architect resides right here
we've got the american jesus
overwhelming millions every day
(exercising his authority)
he's the farmers barren fields
the force the army wields
the expression in the faces
of the starving children
the power of the man
he's the fuel that drives the clan
he's the motive and conscience
of the murderer
he's the preacher on t.v.
the false sincerity
the form letter that's written
by the big computers
he's the nuclear bombs
and the kids with no moms
and i'm fearful that
he's inside me


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