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cutthroatstalker: i really wish gilmore girls would come to instant queue
loansharkbliss: that's the one where they talk really fast and respond to questions immediately, right?
cutthroatstalker: i want to take lorelai and rory's faces when they're talking to each other
cutthroatstalker: and just press them closer and closer
cutthroatstalker: until they're squished together
cutthroatstalker: and their skulls shatter
cutthroatstalker: and their brains intermingle
cutthroatstalker: then they would have instantaneous communication
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cutthroatstalker: http://twitter.com/bigviolentj/status/14959222621995008 aww why didn't you go to that show?!
looooooongcat: because i understand how magnets work

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cutthroatstalker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necrophilia
cutthroatstalker: lmao is that first alert a joke?
cutthroatstalker: or just unfortunate automatic heading caused by too few citations
looooooongcat: which alert? the original research thing?
cutthroatstalker: haha yeah
looooooongcat: yeah i have nfi
cutthroatstalker: hahaha

cutthroatstalker: i want someone to explain the mechanics of female necrophiliacs fucking a dude corpse
cutthroatstalker: do they like, shove a hooked rod down the urethra to make it hard?
looooooongcat: they could also just like..dry hump a leg or something
cutthroatstalker: hmm if i google that do you think i'll be put on any sort of government watchlist?
cutthroatstalker: it's only a class a misdemeanor in texas
looooooongcat: i think google's profile of you will get that much more interesting
cutthroatstalker: haha
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A recent post in another community asked people to post pictures of themselves when they were younger. I pulled out my old photo albums and found a few of myself from high school. I don't have a scanner so I just took a picture of the pictures (WE NEED TO GO DEEPER) with my phone and uploaded them. I thought I'd share.

Pictures )

loansharkbliss: lol pictures of you in high school
cutthroatstalker: lol ikr
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cutthroatstalker: http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1281174033062.jpg
looooooongcat: whodat
cutthroatstalker: my goddess
looooooongcat: she looks different
looooooongcat: but she has a nice nipple
looooooongcat: if you ever kidnap her and hold her hostage, let her know i said that
looooooongcat: after you get done telling her the name of all of your cats
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On today's episode of internet misanthropy:

I don't have anything better to do today )

loansharkbliss: you burned her pretty well
cutthroatstalker: ty ty, it's nice to be appreciated
cutthroatstalker: for being an asshole on the internet
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cutthroatstalker: wrud
chaosxwraith: drawing
cutthroatstalker: draw me a picture
chaosxwraith: of what
cutthroatstalker: me and a mudkips and a unicorn and a rainbow
chaosxwraith: gdi
cutthroatstalker: :D

Detail shots )

[livejournal.com profile] renegade_mime is the best.
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obamas a jigaboo: is it sad that it took me 25 years to realize why sexism exists?
typhoid kellye: in one way yes, because it's so systematic and ingrained in this society, but in another way no, because you're a white male not affected by it
obamas a jigaboo: let me rephrase
obamas a jigaboo: it took me like...10 years to realize almost all women are batshit crazy
typhoid kellye: sigh
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cutthroatstalker: what would you do if you got a lady pregnant right now
loansharkbliss: force her to have the baby and eat it after it stretches out her vagina
loansharkbliss: then stick my own head in her vagina to see how it's like to be a baby

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cutthroatstalker: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2263/2369020394_38f8be160c.jpg
loansharkbliss: what is he, gay?
cutthroatstalker: all men are afraid of the vagina
cutthroatstalker: that's why they all work so tirelessly to subjugate it
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[03:18:34] cutthroatstalker: my arm is asleep
[03:19:03] loansharkbliss: masturbate now so it feels like someone else is doing it to you

[03:18:20] typhoid kellye: my arm is asleep
[03:18:59] obamas a jigaboo: i sat on my arm so it'd fall asleep so i could jack off with a numb arm
[03:19:09] obamas a jigaboo: but my arm stopped being asleep half way through
[03:19:25] obamas a jigaboo: and im like "i realize how stupid this is"
[03:19:25] typhoid kellye: what the fuck is wrong with you people

Note: Obviously I'm both cutthroatstalker and typhoid kellye. I don't know why my chat program talks to the other guys on different screen names instead of my default one.

Oh lawdy

May. 19th, 2010 05:44 pm
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loansharkbliss: http://images.4chan.org/tv/src/1274305981582.jpg
cutthroatstalker: oh god
cutthroatstalker: she looks like that ripped dog
cutthroatstalker: brb photoshopping

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looooooongcat: http://www.goopeg.com/img/ZsXg0uHn.jpg
looooooongcat: hahahah oh wow.
cutthroatstalker: hahahahahaha
cutthroatstalker: i'm sure it's that click and hold thing
looooooongcat: i dont think macs sold a legit single button mouse in like 4 years
looooooongcat: but its still okay to make fun of them
cutthroatstalker: yeah fucking lol
looooooongcat: because thats like saying "the nazis havent killed any jews in decades"
looooooongcat: IT STILL HAPPENED


Apr. 22nd, 2010 03:56 am
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obamas a jigaboo: i didnt understand the hype of the ipad, but my friend got one and he totally sold me on why its awesome
obamas a jigaboo: "dude you havent experienced goatse TILL YOURE HOLDING IT"
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looooooongcat: i was watching some goth/scene girl porn the other day and he pulled out to jizz in her mouth and i just kept hoping he'd shoot a load on her caked-with-eyeshadow eyes
looooooongcat: just because it'd be funny to watch it run.
looooooongcat: i don't know if i'm sharing too much here
looooooongcat: but i'm sharing.
cutthroatstalker: hahahahahaha
looooooongcat: is it wrong that even in the middle of a good jerk im still rooting for whats funny instead of whats sexually arousing?

Oh god

Mar. 28th, 2010 12:49 am
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cutthroatstalker: http://digg.com/d31Mghi
cutthroatstalker: D:
looooooongcat: everyone knows dogsex is only okay when it's a chick doing it.
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cutthroatstalker: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kyy5ij1gdp1qzado8o1_500.jpg
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cutthroatstalker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97VY6-dxV_4
cutthroatstalker: :X
looooooongcat: i'm going to go back to watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPfaQJuWGvU&feature=fvw
cutthroatstalker: gay
looooooongcat: you can not call anything gay after linking to lady gaga
looooooongcat: you can use pretty much any other insult
looooooongcat: but not that
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cutthroatstalker: i am so ronrey
loansharkbliss: why's that?
cutthroatstalker: i have gone back to being nocturnal and greg is still diurnal
cutthroatstalker: so he's asleep in the living room on his futon and i'm in my room watching netflix and reading the penny arcade archives again.
loansharkbliss: go to him
loansharkbliss: and rape him
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looooooongcat: i have some documentary on blackholes streaming via hulu on my tv while im coding
looooooongcat: not really paying attention to it
cutthroatstalker: code something for me
looooooongcat: do you want a perl script to sort incoming tv shows into proper Show name/Season/filename format?
looooooongcat: because thats what you're getting.
cutthroatstalker: no
cutthroatstalker: i want something that will make me smile
looooooongcat: why would i replace myself with some simple code? thats a novice sysadmin mistake


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