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i have to work ten days straight. nine hour shifts.
i had four ex-boyfriends come into the store last week. talk about fucking awkward.

my brother graduates from basic training thursday.

blue dragon is an ugly and stupid game. i hate it really hard. long live eternal sonata. and go play the harry potter game (order of the phoenix). it's fucking addictive, and i kicked the shit out of it.

i bought voodoo vince today ($3). it's hilarious and cute. too bad it's not backwards compatible (yet?). also too bad that greg won't let me take one of his xboxes home with me.

i stretched my ears up to a 12g last week. it slipped right in, no pain at all. two more weeks and i'll move up to a 10g.

status quo

Apr. 13th, 2007 12:25 am
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tomorrow morning (fucking 9 o'clock in the fucking morning) i have jury duty. i'm pretty excited about it, even though my chances of getting picked for the jury are slim. i'm too young and too intelligent. but my fingers are crossed. i'm even going to dress respectable and take out my piercings.

jeff ([Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]) and danimal ([Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]) are two of my favorite people in the world right now. jeff got me a couple months of a paid account (which i've already been abusing), and dan found me the yuki album to download.

my brother had strep throat and a "dangerous amount of white blood cells in his system", according to the doctors. so he's been in his room for a couple weeks taking antibiotics, steroids, and vicodin.

fuck everything. ugh i'm so unamusing, even to myself lately.
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friday i went to fiddlestrings with greg and some friends. it was fun, surprisingly. i met one of brenna's friends named thomas. he's from holland. i think he and keenan are dating.

i was told saturday by kristi and steve that eb is keeping me employed after the holiday season. awesome. that means that after the holidays i'll start getting more hours.

greg bought me an amazing purse online for christmas. see? i already know what i'm getting him, but i can't tell you, because NONE OF YOU CAN KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS SHUT!! just kidding. he reads my journal.

final fantasy final fantasy final fantasy

i really, really wish i could sleep.
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my halloween was exciting! greg and i got some chick-fil-a and played scrabble. thrills! chills! skin-tingling excitement!!
yeah, i didn't feel up to doing anything last night (not that there was really anything going on) due to intense and crippling uterine cramps and a migraine. yeah, full disclosure is fun, isn't it audience?

in any case, if anyone has been paying attention to this journal at all, you will have noticed that for the last 12 entries or so, i've been listening to nothing but holly brook's album "like blood like honey". it's amazing. the haunting, lilting quality to her voice, the piano, the lyrics, everything is amazing. go listen to her on her myspace. then, after you love it, go download her album here*, here, or here.

*note, if you don't have a login for demonoid.com, message me. if i like you enough, i'll send you mine.
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guess what i'm doing the 20th (not definite, but in all probability) of this month?!

i'm going to see demon hunter in san antonio. jealous? you should be.

i'm hanging out at brandon's again. finally, something to do besides work and fight w/ cecil.
other than that, my life hasn't really changed any. i'm thinking about dyeing my hair red again, but who knows. maybe i'll just let my natural color grow out. or shave it all off and wear wigs.
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TwistOf Fate E2i: what have you been up to lately
cutthroatstalker: just started working
cutthroatstalker: other than that, a whole lot of nothing
TwistOf Fate E2i: where at
cutthroatstalker: albertson's fuel center on sunset
TwistOf Fate E2i: oh
TwistOf Fate E2i: hows that so far
cutthroatstalker: soooooo gay
TwistOf Fate E2i: =\
cutthroatstalker: but a guy i work w/ will find himself raped by me in the storeroom sometime
TwistOf Fate E2i: haha
TwistOf Fate E2i: that's what work is all about

support our troops

"TORONTO (CP) - A "trigger-happy" U.S. army squad leader shot the foot off an unarmed Iraqi man and soldiers kicked a severed head around like a soccer ball, a U.S. war deserter told an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing Thursday."

fear for everyone!!!

"...If troops were withdrawn now, Iraq would turn into a safe haven for terrorists, who could arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction and could attack moderate governments in the Middle East, [president bush] said.
"The Iraqi government is still in transition, and the Iraqi security forces are still gathering capacity," Bush said. "If we leave Iraq before they're capable of defending their own democracy, the terrorists will win.""

stupid president. still tooting that same old lie horn.
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cutthroatstalker: what does iawtc mean?
Shadax of Yorke: I ain't won tah cunt
cutthroatstalker: seriously?
Shadax of Yorke: it's cockney slang
Shadax of Yorke: and no
Shadax of Yorke: like everything else I have ever told you, it is a lie
cutthroatstalker: oh
cutthroatstalker: i'm disappointed now
cutthroatstalker: b/c the real meaning won't be half as cool

i start work tomorrow at 1pm. i have to get up really early to go buy the uniform though. i'm kind of looking forward to working again, but i have a feeling that's going to wear off after the first 20 minutes.
everyone should come and visit me.

i will not sell you beer.

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cutthroatstalker: i think i'm a bit too independant to have to go running to the manager anytime anything happens
cutthroatstalker: maybe that's why i'm not understanding these questions [the shitload of agree/disagree questions about yourself and seemingly inane situations]
Shadax of Yorke: well, suck it up. I've had too.
cutthroatstalker: gaaaaaaaay
Shadax of Yorke: It's just trading your dignity for pittance
cutthroatstalker: but 6.25/hr and benefits pittance
Shadax of Yorke: there you go
cutthroatstalker: who needs dignity in this day and age anyway

well, i got a call from albertson's yesterday about making an appointment for an interview. i applied to petco today, and i'm hoping i hear from them soon, b/c i'd much rather work there than albertson's. but i guess beggars can't be choosers. other than applying for every job under the sun in this godforsaken town, i haven't been doing much else. just hanging out online trying to retain some contact to the outside world.

on an unrelated note, i'm getting really tired of men. they're either really mean, or they lie to me [yes, omitting pertinent information is still lying]. i just want a really hot girl that will kiss me. she doesn't even have to love me, just like touching me. know anyone?


May. 20th, 2005 03:26 am
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wednesday night i stood in line at the movie theater for 4 hours, waiting to go to the 12:01a showing of star wars episode iii. it was a very long, very hot, very uneventful line. a couple of people dressed up. i saw a few obi wans, a leia cinnimon roll hairstyle, a homemade queen amidala, and not one, not two, but three darth vaders. well, two-and-a-half darth vaders. two of the vader costumes were excellent. blinking lights, the vader helmet, the whole nine yards. then there was darth bucket, as someone dubbed him. he basically made a vader helmet out of a bucket, painted it black, and taped to a paintball mask. his cape was stapled together, and he looked like the ghetto crackhead version of vader. chris remarked that he wanted to see all the vaders fight.

the movie was great. the action sccenes were actiony, the dramatic scenes were quite dramatic, and yoda kicked some ass. the writing seemed strained at times, and the first half didn't grab my attention as much as it could have. but i enjoyed it, and i had fun.

in other news:


yeah, i called up my bank and found out i had $400 in my bank account. my tattoo is amazing. everyone that has seen it, except one person, said they liked it. and i fucking love it. i will give you a full report of my experience as soon as i take some pictures of it to post up here.


Apr. 17th, 2004 01:39 pm
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i'm a member of a community that revolves around vintage sex (in fact, that's the name of said community). tons of awesome pictures are posted up everyday, but this one really struck me as beautiful and i thought i'd share.

it reminds me of a picture of christ after the crucifixion.

the band cecil is in is actually really good. i'm not going to make fun of anyone in it (chris sucks), i swear. they recorded and mixed a song, but the guy that did it fucked it up, and now the song starts over in the middle of the song, if that makes any sense. they used 5 of my cd's to do it too, so now chris fucking owes me 5 cd's.

still waiting to get 21 grams so i can watch it. have you watched that movie yet dan?

i've been getting really depressed lately, but then cecil hugs me and the world doesn't suck quite so bad.


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