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Jan. 23rd, 2010 05:38 pm
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Cops: Mom forces son to kill hamster for bad grade

As punishment for bad grades, a Georgia mother forced her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer, police said.

The day after he was forced to kill his pet, the child told his teacher, Meriwether County Sheriff Steve Whitlock told the AJC Thursday evening.

The teacher reported the incident to DFCS authorities, who contacted police, Whitlock said. The pet's death allegedly took place at the family's Warm Springs home.

On Friday, 38-year-old Lynn Middlebrooks Geter was arrested, Whitlock said. Geter faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Geter remained in the Meriwether County jail Thursday evening, Whitlock said. Meriwether County is located about 90 minutes southwest of Atlanta.

Geter's husband, Brad Geter, decline to comment on the incident when reached by phone Friday evening.

When I was a kid my mom gave away my favorite dog when I got in trouble at school. I cried for like two weeks straight.
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i'm in san antonio, at lackland afb. my brother officially graduated from air force basic training today. i'm so proud of him, i cried when he marched in front of the bleachers, and when he took his airman's oath.
next week he leaves for monteray, california for a 63 week training program in mandarin chinese. after that he might come back to goodfellow for some more training.

i've taken a ton of pictures, so when i actually get home i'll upload them.
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i have to work ten days straight. nine hour shifts.
i had four ex-boyfriends come into the store last week. talk about fucking awkward.

my brother graduates from basic training thursday.

blue dragon is an ugly and stupid game. i hate it really hard. long live eternal sonata. and go play the harry potter game (order of the phoenix). it's fucking addictive, and i kicked the shit out of it.

i bought voodoo vince today ($3). it's hilarious and cute. too bad it's not backwards compatible (yet?). also too bad that greg won't let me take one of his xboxes home with me.

i stretched my ears up to a 12g last week. it slipped right in, no pain at all. two more weeks and i'll move up to a 10g.

status quo

Apr. 13th, 2007 12:25 am
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tomorrow morning (fucking 9 o'clock in the fucking morning) i have jury duty. i'm pretty excited about it, even though my chances of getting picked for the jury are slim. i'm too young and too intelligent. but my fingers are crossed. i'm even going to dress respectable and take out my piercings.

jeff ([Bad username or site: @]) and danimal ([Bad username or site: @]) are two of my favorite people in the world right now. jeff got me a couple months of a paid account (which i've already been abusing), and dan found me the yuki album to download.

my brother had strep throat and a "dangerous amount of white blood cells in his system", according to the doctors. so he's been in his room for a couple weeks taking antibiotics, steroids, and vicodin.

fuck everything. ugh i'm so unamusing, even to myself lately.


Mar. 14th, 2007 01:14 pm
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my first and final got ripped up, but only because my boss got one too. apparently he argued with the district manager for an hour over the phone about it. mine only got taken care of because he wanted his gone. not because he was really worried about me. that's shitty, but i don't care since mine got thrown away too. so i don't have to worry about that anymore. also, lately i've been killing in the subscriptions department. well, killing as much as is possible only working 9-10 hours a week.

brian is still coming to san angelo. he left yesterday, and was going to stop in tallahassee for the night. well, his car broke down right outside of the city. when he went to go look at the back of it, he realized the license plate was missing. he figures that while he was at our mom's place getting his stuff, SHE STOLE IT OFF HIS CAR. yes, i'm being 100% serious. he called her, and she said "and you're just noticing it now?". crazy psycho bitch, that one.
so tomorrow morning my dad is leaving to drive to florida to pick him up and tow his car back here to get looked at. but my brother drives like a maniac, so it's probably the transmission. if that's the case, it would cost more to fix it than the car is worth. unfortunately, my brother really needs a car here, since i don't have one. fortunately, he only has to survive here until juneish, when he leaves for the air force.

some old friends of mine are back in town for spring break, so tonight after i get off work we're having an old fashioned halo lan party. but this time we'll have cheesecake.

in other news, jim is racist.

typhoid kellye: have you heard about the new black 360?
GlennDathu: hahaha
GlennDathu: a million voices went off in my head at once
GlennDathu: "does it have rims?" "does it fry chicken?" "watermelon colored?"
GlennDathu: oy
GlennDathu: no more internets for me
GlennDathu: they make you a bad person
GlennDathu: but, no, I had not heard of this black 360
typhoid kellye: hahah you ARE SO RACIST
GlennDathu: i am not!
GlennDathu: i am not i am not i am not
GlennDathu: i am all for friendly-yet-edgy race based humor, that's all.
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i got a call from my brother today. he enlisted in the air force.
he scored a 93 on the asvab, he's going to go intell. he is taking the exam to be a linguist tomorrow. if he fails, there's two other intelligence jobs he's hoping to score.
regardless, he'll go to san antonio for basic, so i'll get to go to his graduation. and whatever he does, he'll have to come here to goodfellow for some training, since we have the only intelligence training base in america. if he gets the linguist job, he'll get to go to monterey.
i'm excited, worried, and proud of him. scared for him, though. big time.
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saturday was my ex-step-sister's welcome home from iraq/the army barbecue. of course i took pictures.

greg loves donkeys.

the ex-family )

after the barbecue, celia, katherine, greg and i went to giz & hum's to play pool.

celia was laying all over the table, and poking katherine with her stick.

more thinly veiled sexual innuendo under here )
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here are pictures taken by my aunts of the family get together in florida.

meet my family )

home again.

Sep. 1st, 2006 01:20 pm
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greg and i are back in san angelo. i don't really want to talk about my grandmother, so i'll just give you some highlights of our trip.

my brother is awesome. i've missed him so much.
this is his girlfriend.
she's 27, has 2 kids, and a coke problem. but other than that, she's a great girl.
greg got along great with my entire family. i was pleasantly surprised.
my mom is still crazy and blatantly racist.
she's menopausal, and wanting a child. she jokingly told me to have a baby and give it to her. i asked her if she wanted to pick the stud or if greg was alright. she said i could pick, as long as the father wasn't black. or puerto rican. i asked if mexican was okay [greg is half mexican]. she said no. i just looked at greg and laughed.
the drive sucked, next time we're flying.
also, i got my conch pierced. i'll take pictures later someday.

some random pictures i took )
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well, we made it to florida in one piece. we stopped in baton rouge for the night, then drove pretty much 11 straight hours, only stopping to eat or for gas.
things have been going okay so far. my mom hasn't been too crazy. although she told greg that she was going to have us sleep in seperate rooms, but she figured "well, you two are probably already sleeping together". so yeah, that was embarrassing.
we're going to my grandparent's house at around 1 o'clock. the less said about that the better.


Aug. 23rd, 2006 12:31 pm
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greg and i are driving to florida tomorrow (thursday) morning. we'll be back probably next thursday night.
i can't believe he just offered to drop everything and drive me to florida. if i was unsure before, i'm sure now. i love him. i can't think of anyone else that would do this for me.

i'm really scared about seeing my grandmother. part of me really, really, really doesn't want to go. i'm terrified. but a larger part of me knows that if i don't go, i'll regret it for the rest of my life. i'm just thankful greg will be there. the rest of my family, excepting my grandfather and brother, and i don't get along. that's going to be even more stress i'll have to deal with. i would liken my family to arrogant, self-absorbed, neurotic vultures. this is going to be agony.

i just wish i had done something with my life sooner so that she could be proud of me for once before she goes.

please keep us and her in your thoughts. i don't know when i'll be online next once we're on the road.
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my mother just called me to tell me my grandmother is dying.
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"ExistUnheard" is my brother, brian, and i'm the other name. duh.

some back story...
my brother lives in florida w/ my mom and step-father. he work(ed) at papa john's for like, a year or something. he was a manager.

now the story...
ExistUnheard: i quit papa john's
cutthroatstalker: why for?
ExistUnheard: i was really sick one day, it just hit me like a punch in the face in the middle of work, and i was supposed to close
ExistUnheard: and there's only 3 other managers, one opened and she had to leave at 8 to get her kids
ExistUnheard: one just left to a theme park for her niece's birthday
ExistUnheard: and the other, my general manager, had the day off, and i called him, he said "i don't care, call bill" (our area supervisor)
ExistUnheard: i was like, so sick i was puking in the office, i couldn't see cause my head hurt so bad
cutthroatstalker: ugh, poor thing
ExistUnheard: i called in my friend tim to work, but he's not a manager so he couldn't close for me
ExistUnheard: but he stayed and did all the work because i couldn't even walk
cutthroatstalker: good guy
cutthroatstalker: on a side note, my cat is trying to eat my nail file
ExistUnheard: yea, plus he just got his wisdom teeth pulled the day before, so his face is twice it's normal size and gushing blood
ExistUnheard: but yet my GM didn't care
ExistUnheard: and my area supervisor said he'll get on the phone and call other stores cause there's got to be a manager that can close for me
ExistUnheard: 2 and a half hours later i call him back and he had turned his phone off
cutthroatstalker: asshole
ExistUnheard: yea
ExistUnheard: well i left a message and told him i'd close but i quit after tonight
ExistUnheard: so i did
cutthroatstalker: awesome
cutthroatstalker: but sucks you lost your job over it
ExistUnheard: yea, we just moved to a new store too and were doing twice as much sales volume too, so they got screwed
ExistUnheard: he was gonna give me a raise to $10/hr to come back, cause everyone loved me and so many people wanted to walk out with me
ExistUnheard: i convinced them not to, cause then they would have had to shut down the store
cutthroatstalker: why?
ExistUnheard: this new girl i'm seeing was a manager there, she wanted to walk out, the other manager did, and an insider, and my friend tim was about to, but i convinced him not to since he has to pay for his own college
ExistUnheard: and 4 of the drivers wanted to leave, and they were hurting for drivers
ExistUnheard: i didn't want it to be a big thing me walking out and all
cutthroatstalker: you're a martyr
cutthroatstalker: haha
ExistUnheard: lol
ExistUnheard: that's the coolest thing in the world to be
ExistUnheard: but not associated with fast food...
cutthroatstalker: hahahahaha
cutthroatstalker: it's like being an idiot savant
cutthroatstalker: sure, you're a mathematical genius, but you still piss your pants
ExistUnheard: or the smartest kid with down syndrome?
ExistUnheard: i was up for a promotion anyways, one more and i'd own my own store... but i was gonna decline it cause that's one more step to a permanence, and so many people work at papa john's their whole lives... and i don't want to be one of them
cutthroatstalker: for real
cutthroatstalker: that's the most depressing thing to me
cutthroatstalker: people that have been working shitty minimum wage jobs their entire lives
ExistUnheard: tell me about it
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oh. em. gee. will it never end?! i have more news!! briefly, i've dyed my hair black, gotten contacts, and gotten my nipples pierced. when i go over to cecil's later i'll get some pictures to post up. it's just so crazy.

then, to top it off, i got a card from my grandmother. and as usual, there was a check in it. but this time it was no measly $50 check. it was a fucking FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR check. that's the most money i've ever had at one time in my entire life. i almost feel like it's too much. i feel like i can't accept it. *slap* woo, that was a close one. now there are no worries about prom anymore. and i'll even have at least $200 left over for clothes and whatnot. b/c i am in bad need of new clothes.

i'm in such a good mood. i can't wait until tuesday when i go back to skool. i promised michelle she'd be the first one i show my newly decorated nipples to.
i wonder how everyone is going to react?


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